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 Riley Lulworth, Midworth, Wentworth, Grangeworth, Chatsworth, ......

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Riley Chatsworth  A four door Saloon using the 11.9 engine

RILEY (Coventry) LIMITED RILEY (Coventry) LIMITED Two fine cars Typical examples of the beauty, comfort, and good performance obtainable in the complete range of Riley open and closed models. No better cars have been built by Riley since their first car made in 1898. No better value ever offered than the Wentworth Coupe at £395 and the Special Touring model at £398. In the Riley Catalogue you will find twelve other models, equally beautiful, equally good value, and equally capable of giving the utmost satisfaction to the discriminating motorist. Coventry 42,.North Audley St., London, W. I from The Sketch - June 1927

 Riley Lulworth Saloon Advert from The Sketch - Wednesday 21 September 1927 . The Lulworth was a Fabric bodied Saloon, with the optional de luxe pack of leather Upholstery, Wire Wheels and Door Locks as shown in the pic above . Body was constructed  by the coachbuilders  Hancock & Warman of Coventry who also made bodies the Alpine,  early MkIV Tourer  and for Triumph cars. This car had  a taller Radiator and higher waistline than previous models and looked typical late twenties 'sit up and beg' type body

 Riley Grangeworth Saloon Advert from The Sketch - 19th October  1927 The Grangeworth was another  Fabric bodied  six light Saloon, with the optional de luxe pack of leather Upholstery, Wire Wheels and Door Locks as in Styles

RILEY (COVENTRY) LIMITED RILEY (COVENTRY) LIMITED NEITHER BY ITS APPEARANCE OR PERFORMANCE IS THE LOW PRICE REVEALED THE RILEY TWELVE GRANGEWORTH SALOON RILEY Closed Cars have always been beautiful, roomy and luxurious. Their distinctive appearance has only been rivalled by their matchless road performance. The Riley Grangeworth is a new model which surpasses even the great achievements of past Riley design. A handsome luxury car, powerful, easy to drive and astonishingly low in first cost. Olympia offers no greater value, or no better example of the leadership of British Automobile Engineering. _ _ PRICE COMPLETE £398 OLYMPIA STAND 66 OLYMPIA STAND 66 COVENTRY, and 42, North Audley Street, LONDON, W. 1 . . .pic above

Is this the Midworth?

 The Wentworth Coupe from The Sketch - Wednesday 18 May 1927

Riley Wentworth 11.9hp Fixed Head Coupe with Dickey one of the few that survived sold Feb 2018