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 Riley Winchester. . . one left

This is the  only surviving 1933 14hp Riley Winchester from a small production run one of the larger ' limousines' they manufactured .  Powered by the 6 cyl 14hp engine using the silent 3rd gearbox.  The one shown below is fitted with picnic tables and foot rests to the rear and a burr walnut dashboard housing original but restored instruments. It was sold originally with loose cushions and 'foot rugs'.

This Winchester, the Deauville and Edinburgh all differed slightly with the Edinburgh seeming to be the more basic model with production from 88E to 263 E. The Winchester was pitched between the top of the range Stelvio and the Edinburgh at £448. For those with a time machine in 1958 one was for sale in Motor Sport for £40 but remember the Suez crisis with rationing for fuel  was only 1956 so large thirsty cars were cheap

The Winchester Saloon was produced 1933-1934 @ £448 + tax; The Winchester Limousine was produced 1933 @ £460 + tax. Both are on the 'long' six chassis with a wheelbase of ten foot and tracking of four foot eight inches front and rear on twenty inch tyres. In comparison the 'short' chassis was about  nine foot two inches. According to factory data sheets the car was avaialble as the 12/6 OR 14/6

The car was built in two forms the de-luxe  limousine ( with glass chauffeur divider) or the saloon on the 14/6 long chassis with six light coachwork , four doors, and blinds for all winding windows ( except the front two dooors ). Inside it was fitted with  folding tables and folding footrests built into the back of the bench front seats. Upholstered with the normal pneumatic cushions plus velvet  down filled ones, interior lighting plus all bells and whistles for a Jazz Age car.

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,    &  those from other countries listed here

from The Bystander 1933

Known cars on 88E chassis
  NJ 1819    chassis    88E 78   Edinburgh 14/6
 ADU 802     chassis    88E 1017   Winchester  14/6   according to Styles so either the Winchester is an Edinburgh or he reversed them ???

 from Ashridge who sold this a few years back click for more pics and information. The car was rebuilt and over embellished / restored by John Janes

Many thanks to Ashridge for the extra unused photographs showing the interior in more detail.
They are copywrite marked due to picture companies selling the pictures