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 Riley Victor 1938

    Riley Victor is the last of the real Riley's, the final completed and sold design from the Coventry firm before the take-over by Nuffields in 1938 as a 4 door saloon ( USA sedan) body style with a front mounted engine powering the rear wheels. It's powered courtesy of a naturally aspirated 1½ litre engine   . As per ususal overhead valve valve gear, 4 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder. It develops 55 bhp (56 PS/41 kW) of power at 4500 rpm with  a 4 speed preselector gearbox on some models (seen below). Maximum stated speed is 117 km/h or 73 mp (downhill helps). Like the late model Merlins they were available with the overdrive 'box or a preselector, the chassis followed then standard Riley practice down to the open prop-shaft . It was available in 9hp and 12/4 engined forms, The body was another steel pressing of the four-door, 4-light type with a luggage boot at the back and spare wheel carried in the boot lid (dustbin lid type cover), while the engine was mounted further forward on this one to increase front legroom and improve weight distribution. The front had the new Riley grille with vertical chromed vanes later seen in the RM's and if owned a pain to clean well ( some Victor's have them painted).  At £299 it was good value, but is now one of the rarer Rileys as so many many hundreds of saloons were destroyed by greed in the past few years with complete bodies being sold on ebay as the chassis and engine are turned into a sports car look alike for  profit by people of no taste. This is very different to historic specials known to the clubs where disasters ranged from the blitz to woodworm required a rebuild of the body for practical reasons.

Graham Hyde's 1938 Nuffield built Riley Victor in 1960. Sadly it was scrapped shortly after.

So so rare as chopped for specials. Luckily a few survive with one owner luckily having lots of pics plus another in a  pic from the Coventry Rally and yes there are less of these than TT Sprites or MPH's so join the club of rarest Rileys.

In the British weather the lovely 'open tops' have limited use but the comfy four seater with a roof and large sun roof is a brilliant drive and woefully unappreciated . Try driving (in my case my Falcon) through deep snow with ease when modern cars and skating in style and then realise what the Riley company achieved so many years ago. (Front engine, rear-wheel drive + weight + high ground clearance). This car recorded below is a rare survivor and completely rebuilt and restored and now with a new owner.

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,    &  those from other countries listed here

Pics from 2016 from Hagen Kranz

Maximilian Grund's Victor in Germany ONE OF THE NICER ONES LEFT

VICTOR'S know to have been sold with data from Vernon Barkers book and other sources and other sources . For the Riley Register books etc pdf click here as the best source of information. Numbers of cars sold 270 known in the sales data.
Riley Chassis plate prefix :-
28V = Victor 12/4 Saloon ; £299 + Tax ( from October 1937 numbers between 7201-7950 'ish)
28VX = Victor 12/4 Saloon with the Overdrive gearbox, standard on Big 4's, a rare option on other models
S28V. = Victor Special Series 12/4 plus engine upgrade with pre selector gearbox,
28V Victor Standard 12/4 with preselector gearbox.
68V= 1937 Victor 9hp chassis numbers from October 1937 3400 ->
Interestingly the data shows most were sold with the overdrive gearbox and few were converted to  historic specials ie the make do and mend variety common in the 1950's when woodworm attacked the Weyman type cars. The number listed is the last year they were in the membership list ie 78 would be 1978. Surviving/Living cars are in Bold 6 + from approx 270 manufactured any alterations or other cars  please say.

The cause of the Saloons not being seen after 1958 ( first announcement) and 1961 ( first tests) was the new MOT or ten year old test. Many of the 'Works registered' cars were in fact export vehicles. Last Known 2006 shows cars on the RR list now no longer there, many will be still in garages getting dusty, plus a few chopped for specials by those persons of large wallets and little sense of history. Historic Specials were often made from MOT failures and after damage and are marked as such

1938 cars 12/4 unless marked as hp :-
ABE 614    chassis   28VX  7648
ACJ 943    chassis   28VX  7623
ADR 961    chassis   28VX  7524
ADT 268    chassis   28VX  7558
AEW 962    chassis   
AFE BO1    chassis   28VX 7528
AHH 163     chassis   28VX 7886
AHM 103  Chassis number 28V7889, Pictures above of this car and the extensive restoration with many thanks to Roger  MORE to follow 
AJG 90      chassis   28VX  7673
AJY 309     chassis   28VX  7751
ARD 612    chassis   28VX  7658
APY 7553    chassis  
AVJ 7IB     chassis   28VX 7711
AVN 206     chassis   28V 7907      61
AVN 61   May 1938     chassis   28VX 7778      Black sorry tiddly pic !
BAM 746     chassis   28KX 7551
BAP 175  ( Chassis number 28V749),  
BAP 409     chassis   28V 7893
BBK 764     chassis         ?                59
BBL 36     chassis   28VX 7686
BBO 114     chassis          ?                59
BCY 968     chassis   28VX 7577       61
BDW 75*  ( Chassis number 28VX749*),  
BHR 180     chassis         ?                  64
BHR 637     chassis   28VX 7820
BMW 278     chassis   28VX 7711
BOW 19  re registered as  712 EVE  Chassis number 28VX 7615,  
BUS 604     chassis   28VX 7726
CAC 82     chassis   28VX 7599           73
CAC 96     chassis   28VX 7759
CAC 498     chassis   28VX 7703
CAC 596     chassis   28VX 7774
CDV 591     chassis   28VX 7601          61
CER 804     chassis   28VX 7592           73
CFG 587                                                 51 (9?)
CKV 318     chassis   28VX 7381           61 Works registered for dealer collection
CKV 576     chassis   28VX 7510           37 Works registered for dealer collection
CKV 579     chassis   28VX 7598           37 Works registered for dealer collection
CKV 583     chassis   28VX 7629           38 Works registered for dealer collection
CN 8703     chassis   28VX 7713
CNP 56     chassis   28VX  7793               61 (7712?)
CPG 804          (CDG?)
CSC B5O    chassis   28VX 7589
CSP 531    chassis   28VX 7477                58
CTX 397                                                    61
CUO 642     chassis   28VX 7777
CUO 692     chassis   28VX 7659
CUP 914     chassis   28VX 7712
CVC BB4     chassis   28VX 7374            37 Works registered for dealer collection
CVC BBB     chassis   28VX 7369           37 Works registered for dealer collection
CVE 221     chassis   28VX 7489              Conflict with Ch.No, Kestrel 6lt CVE 2
CVE 555     chassis   28VX 7846
CWT 753     chassis   28VX 76t7               67
CWT 907     chassis   28VX 7841              61
DAA 523     chassis   28VX 7603
DAD 460     chassis   28VX 7848               58
DCY 968     chassis   sB (BCY?)
DDU 387     chassis   28VX 7699               38 Works registered for dealer collection
DDU 391     chassis   28V 7606                  38 Works registered for dealer collection
DHP 723     chassis   28V 7716                   38 Works registered for dealer collection
DHP 728     chassis   28VX                         38 Works registered for dealer collection  Experimental
DHP 729     chassis   28VX 7816                Re-registered O/S in South Africa
DDU 387     chassis   28VX 7699               38 Works registered for dealer collection
DNK 606     chassis                                     78
DNY 540     chassis   28VX 7849                
DNY 678     chassis   28V  7879    SPECIAL
DON 753     chassis                                      58                 
DPO 919     chassis   28VX 7663                 73  
DPX 11
     chassis   28VX 7643    now HR-N38H alive in Germany see on this page          
DRO 684    chassis   28VX 7792                  58  9 Converted to a  Special ??
DRU 575    chassis   28VX 7755                  80
DRW 149     chassis   28VX 7884                38 Works registered for dealer collection
DRW 150     chassis   28V 7902                   38 Works registered for dealer collection
DRW 152     chassis   28V  7796                  38 Works registered for dealer collection Experimental vehicle
DRW 409     chassis   28V 7891                    92 Converted to a  Historic Special + Alive
DUO 404     chassis   28VX 7843                  Converted to a Historic  Special
DUO 461     chassis   ?                                    58
DZ  348*  ( Chassis number 28VX7816), sold by  Hagen Kranz pics on this page   
EAF 387     chassis   28V                                 61
EAL 333     chassis   28V 7770             
EEL 24   
EHW 734     chassis   28V 7705                
EKA 544     chassis   ?                                   58 9? 
EKO 910     chassis   ?                                   64 9?
ELU 491     chassis   ?                                    58
EOD 819     chassis   28VX 7696                
ERB 135     chassis   28VX 7789                
ETU 893     chassis   28VX 7488                
EXK 157     chassis   ?                                  58
EVO 11       chassis    ?                                 67
FBB 968     chassis   28VX 7557             
FNU 858     chassis   28VX 7652(7552?)               
FUG 352     chassis   28VX 7758               
FVK 810     chassis   28VX 7824                 58
FVT 569     chassis   28VX 7701
FVK 810     chassis   28VX 7824                 58
FVX   10     chassis   28VX 7762                 84  Converted to a  Historic Special
FZ  665      chassis   28VX 7679                  74  Converted to a Historic  Special
FZ 1637     chassis   ?                                   57
FZ 1922     chassis    ?                                  9 ?
GPA 223 -  recovered from a Field in Northamptonshire, with a Hawthorn tree that had grown through the floor and out through the Sunroof.  It is 1100cc with a pre-selector box and being restored
GPA 229     chassis   ?                                   9 ?
GPG 804     chassis   ?                                 58
GPJ 440      chassis   ?                                 58  9?
GR 5407     chassis   28VX 7666                 61
GUA 92      chassis   28VX 7734                
GUA 93     chassis   28V 7864   
HNW 259     chassis   28VX 7844               
HMX 69     chassis   ?                                  67  9?

JA 980*  ( Chassis number S68V3403), 9HP so not speedy !
JR 7402      chassis   28VX 7520             
JV 7012     chassis   28VX 7678                 
KS 7962     chassis   28VX 7735               
VD  9765     chassis   28VX 7649                
Other Cars:-
BHR 63*,  
No Number,
DHP 722     chassis   28VX 7817    in Africa or data page links inc engine click here
CPE 426,   ???VN
BI 07005 in Germany  sold and as far as I know chopped for a special also pics on Simon's Cars
Video cunningly labelled Victor Special of 1937 rather than 1938 standard car , loud soundtrack warning
The last chassis number is replaced with an asterisk but known to the clubs .There will be others in other clubs and countries please click + email info
Unidentified and overseas :-28VX 7597; 28VX 7610; 28VX 7620; 28VX 7698; 28VX 7807; 28V 7852

Original Newspaper Articles :-

 When the Riley programme for 1938 was announced it was generally assumed that the famous Nine would be seen no more. An eve-of-Show surprise was sprung by the Riley Company by announcing that the Nine would be continued in the form of the Victor saloon, although, if desired, the 1½ litre engine with dual overdrive transmission could be obtained. When the 9-h.p. engine is fitted, the Riley Preselecta-gear, a Wilson- type epicyclic gear-box with automatic clutch, is standardised. Despite the general tendency towards higher prices, the Riley Victor saloon sells at £299. This is a typical Riley in appear ance and finish, and there is ample luggage accommodation. The Sketch - Wednesday 20 October 1937


sorry for rubbish quality but was minute and pink!