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Uk Contemporary 'Converted' Rileys pre WW2 page 1

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This page is for early and contemporary conversions of Riley cars NOT 'specials' constructed for financial gain from perfectly sound healthy cars. These will mainly be home constructed of the 'make do and mend' reasoning that was essential in the post war austerity years but reflect a time now gone, many will no  longer survive in this format as rebodied 'smarter' but still worth documenting.

Don't confuse these cars with the later vandalism of converting perfectly usable saloon cars to faux sports cars, these are the real deal!

1.The sporting cars this is for  the many built as 'racing specials', predominantly  just before the war, and  a few post war before 'health and safety regulations curtailed the home engineer. Many will be infamous a few famous all probably terrifying to modern drivers. .  for the doubters check youtube . or clip 2 (turn the sound up) For most see the site some of the list below 'borrowed' from this site as a start. When the archives start to develop all information will then be listed or linked on that particular models 'page'

Appleton Special, Ashby Flat-Iron 9 Special, Ashby Red Winger, Beavis Special, Brooke Special "registered 031", Brooke two seater Special "registered 125", Brooklands 6 cyl, Cuthbert Special,  Densham Nr.1, Densham Nr.2, Densham Nr.3, Dixon 6cyl., Dixon Brooklands, Dixon Red Mongrel, Dobbs 2l 15-6 "registered 102", Dobbs Brooklands 9,  Dobbs offset racing MPH 1935, E.R.A,  Fairman Formula 2, Fencers-Mask, Gibbs 9, Gillow Bugatti Riley Special "registered 033", Gillow Side Valve Special, Griffith 9, Griffith 9 supercharged, H.A.R. Formula 2, IFS works racing, Jennings 1100, Jennings 1500, John Eason Gibson Special, John Golder Special "registered 083", Le Mans Sprite, LVT, Monte Carlo Rally MPH, Onslow-Bartlett, Parker Special, Porter Special, Prototype Brooklands, Richardson Monoposto, Riley Brooklands Ex Gerard "registered 035", Riley ERA "registered 048", Riley Stephenson White Riley "registered 129", Tooley, Treen MK1, Treen MK2, Treen mod. Brooklands, Treen pictures, TRS,  The White Riley

Victor Gillow's Riley
Mike Fountain, who has owned an ex-Victor Gillow Riley Special since 1984, and races it at VSCC meetings , wants to fill in its history. Gillow built the car with a Brescia Bugatti chassis modified at the rear so that it passed below the rear axle. Most of the rest was Riley, but the gearbox had an electron or magnesium casing, which Fountain still has. Just before the war, G Moncrieff and HW Beverage bought the car from Gillow and raced it jointly — Beverage at Southport, Moncrieff at Bo'ness, in 1938-39. Moncrieff died and Beverage sold the car to John Brown of Eastern Motors in Edinburgh, who ran it until early '50, competing at Bo'ness in '48-49, and in sand racing at St Andrews in '49. It is the period when Gillow raced the car at White City dirt track and is believed to have overturned it there, that is missing. The car was bought for rebuilding by Roger Andrews, before Fountain obtained it.

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