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Riley T.T. Sprite

These were built in 1935 as a series of six new race cars AVC 15/16/17/18/19/20 series and in the normal Riley way had different engines many of which were later further modified. Most were sixes  a few upgraded and modified 12/4's but all used the race modified 1934 chassis design like the MPH road cars with (usually) nineteen inch tyres on wire wheels. For the 'normal' Sprites  and more Sprite data click here

The AVC TT Sprites caused a stir at the September 'Tourist Trophy' race at Ards after which they were named with three official cars entered by Victor Riley and one from Freddie Dixon see video below

**Warning any racing car  Riley or other marque will have had numerous engine, gearbox and body tweaks to keep it competetive so the ratio of parts worn that are as they left the factory after such a period of time will be the source of endless debate. The purpose of this site is to list and archive information and have it freely available for all clubs not to answer which chassis or body cowl is worn at the present time or we will end up like the discussion of years back re the Bentley 'Old Number One' which graced the High Court for quite a while**

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,    &  those from other countries listed here

Videos found :- 

"RAC Tourist Trophy - International race at Belfast". Ards

'Brooklands 500. . . . turn up the volume

Original Cars:- 

Original Build Engined TT Sprites(Works Racers)

22T 1750    chassis number       AVC 19         Registration date  31.05.35           Radiator Type T,         Gearbox Type  CR Works car then Ecurie Eudel 2087RL ?

22T 1916    chassis number       AVC 20         Registration date  31.05.35         Radiator Type T,         Gearbox Type  CR , Works car then Bob Gerard 19.11.36

S26S 4634    chassis number       BWK 324         Registration date  18.06.36            Radiator Type T,         Gearbox Type  CR , Works car then sold to F Gee 2.1.37.  Later to Leslie and Mike Hawthorn

S27S 6950    chassis number       CWK 171         Registration date  01.07.37   Radiator Type T,                   Gearbox Type  CR , Works car Radiator cowl. Then to Bob Gerard 14.2.38

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite  AVC 15 ( not on dvla presume deceased or exported,chassis number 44T240*, 12/4 engine),pic from Birmingham

pic needed

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite  AVC 16 ( not on dvla  exported to South africa back in the 30's, chassis number44T241*, six cylinder engine ),

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite  AVC 17(  alive on dvla, chassis number 44T241*,12/4 engine),

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite  AVC 18 (  alive on dvla chassis number 44T242*, 15/6 engine),

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite   AVC 19 (  alive on dvla/ chassis number 22T175*, 12/4 engine )The sale description from Robin shows the care and also the pitfalls re an original racing car:-"This Riley 'TT' Sprite underwent continual development and was re-bodied on at least two occasions following its acquisition by Eudel et Cie - Riley's French Agents, who competed with it during 1937-1939. Importantly, the main sections of the original body, plus a number of additional original components are now included in the sale of this historic car in order that AVC 19 may be returned to its original specification. These components comprise: Original tail section and wooden tail frame, original body centre section and dashboard all from AVC19, original instruments and the set of long wings (as fitted for the French Grand Prix and used in other races). Whilst the car is eligible for a number of VSCC events, should there be a desire in the future to compete on the European circuit then the original components included in this sale will meet the criteria for FIA and FIVA." Pic also from Robin Lawton

Ex-Works 1935 Riley TT Sprite  AVC 20 ( alive on dvla but in Australia, chassis number 22T191*, 12/4 engine)  also  when in action

BWK 324 (chassis number S26S 463*, 12/4 engine)  

in above b&w photograph of Mike Hawthorn at Castle Combe 1951  now at Beaulieu Museum. Pic Ros K

CWK 171 (chassis number S27S 695*, 12/4 engine ).Pic shows CWK, AVC20 + the Bullet from Bob Gerard's Collection

CWK 171 chassis number S27S 695*  driven by Bob Gerard,  Brooklands May 1939.
Original picture owned by John Deveson  taken by his father donated to RAP identified by Facebook !

CVU 783  according to Birmingham the Stanley Burville car wearing the body from BWK. Now in Germany pic from Wikipedia also here

To double check ????

AVC21 video click here ...  warning dodgy 1960's music  but interesting rebuild

KV6078  1933 Riley TT Six 

Mike Hawthorn at Goodwood 1951 ( pic RosK)

 TT Sprite in 1937 well used !

 from Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News - Friday 13 September 1935

 from Britannia and Eve - Monday 01 March 1937


Engine to KV6078  1933 Riley TT Six  the ex Freddie Dixon car from Australian page