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 Riley Trinity  ...

 The  Riley Trinity was another bespoke small volume car launched in  1932 and sold until 1934  as another 2-seater  using  the nine chassis, and puportedly some  on the wider less agile  6-cylinder chassis although none have survived. They were built by Meredith Coachcraft Limited  on the Riley rolling chassis with a clever sliding panel which allowed you  to convert the car from an open Two Seater to an open Four Seater and to a Closed Coupe. The body was clever but heavy — as an open two-seater the rear seat squab folded forward and up to lock over the space behind the front seats, being metal-panelled on the side then exposed. In what appeared as a sloping tail, with spare wheel on, lurked a semi-rigid coupe-type top— more than a mere hood. So the car was either an open two-seater, an open four-seater, or a drophead coupe, hence the appellation Trinity. As the immediate precursor to the 1933 'lost hood' Riley Lynx was hardly a major selling point and a few survive but all are 1933 cars with one indicated safe  in a barn in Scotland and one used to be in Australia

Meredith was founded by F.W.Mead plus the brothers Fred and Stan Smith  from buildings on the old British Industries Fair site at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham.and flourished  between 1932 to 1934. They made the one style the Trinity on various companies chassis   being sold as the "BSA 9HP Trinity Special," and also produced the identical "Wolseley Hornet Special,"  plus of course the Riley the same year. They built 31 Trinity bodies in total seventeen Riley's, nine Wolseley Hornets and five BSA ( plus advertised but do not seem to have made any MG Midget's ) before they sold the business to Bromford  Body Company also of Birmingham in 1934

Riley Trinity  Hood Down
Riley Trinity  Hood Up
The Wolseley Hornet Trinity helpfully showing the rear.
All main bodies although bespoke are identical. The wings, bonnet etc seem to be standard for the make of car ie the Riley version had Riley panels etc to discover how much was used involves checking the cars next to each other to spot the differences.The two Hornets shown have differing wings.
The Wolseley from © Further pics of the Wolseley version are on a sale car here

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Remaining Known  TRINITY cars :- 4 + all 1933

AGP 25 *(Chassis number 602174*),     

ALO 65*(Chassis number 602157*),      

AUW 49*(Chassis number 602188*),     

UN 667*(Chassis number 602152*),  

+ one was in Australia  


Chris Nunn's Trinity, many many thanks as the B&W are ugly pics !

The last chassis and registration  number is replaced with an *asterisk but known to the clubs .There will be others in other clubs and countries please click + email info