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RM Roadster

From 1948 two new body styles were available on the 2½ litre models. These were the Roadster (RMC) and the Drophead Coupe (RMD) and these remained in production until 1950 and are both now rare as most were sold to export. As a result of the British Government's 'Export or die' policy, Riley Motors designed the 100 horsepower RMC 2.5 litre as an  open Sports three-seater. It was later simply known as the Roadster and it had been designed with Americans and warmer climates  in mind. Of the  507 Roadsters produced, only 50 crossed the Atlantic, with 11 of those bound for Canada. Modifications crafted with American needs in mind included a larger boot, a huge 20 gallon gas tank, wrap around bumpers and four over riders. The Autocar original road test commented that the car 'Sits firm and square on the road, takes corners on an even keel even when high speeds are being held.' Road tests revealed a 0-60 acceleration time of 19 seconds and a top speed of 94 MPH, just a bit shy of the 100 MPH claimed in sales literature. The Roadster was later considered a marketing failure, as the car had been made to fit what was thought to be the desires of the American middle class and did not sell in the numbers anticipated
**Do check if offered one as most if not sold via the clubs are chopped up saloons sold to the unwary often arriving via the Eastern Bloc at vast expense. If in doubt ask the clubs either on facebook or via the links pages ( on contact page) Also see the data page to do a quick number/chassis plate check click here **
Numerical prefix were added to the   diamond bulkhead  plate  for RMs  as in pre war cars until 1952 when it stopped and can be checked via the chassis number held by the clubs see below as RM club has detailed archives
36S=1946 RMA; 37S= 1946 RMA;  38S= 1948 RMA; 39S= 1949 RMA;  40S= 1950 RMA;  41S= 1951 RMA; 42S= 1952 RME; etc
56S=1946 RMB; 57S= 1946 RMB;  58S= 1948 RMB; 59S= 1949 RMB;  60S= 1950 RMB;  61S= 1951 RMB; 62S= 1952 RMF; etc

For the RM  manual click here  Hosted by Riley's in western Australia or here 

For a stunning set of Roadster under the skin pictures in OZ click here loads on the wooden frame etc

Production Figures :-See the data page click here

Chassis numbers start 58SS 2802 Two seater roadsters prefix 2S as in '60 2S12345'

1949 Coventry no specific info (121 total)  

1949  Abingdon 73 UK; 52 RHD export; 11 LHD export; 2 rolling chassis  for Verheul (138 total)

1950  117 UK; 92 RHD export; 32 LHD export; (241 total)

1951  4 UK; 3 RHD export; 0 LHD export;  (7 total) interesting as one of the surviving '51 cars is in the USA ?

exported 190 out of 507 Nuffield Film of export Roadsters and Saloon click here

Real Anorak info, Riley RMC's in Films/TV:-
1948 Riley 2½-Litre RMC in The Flamingo Kid, 1984 *
1948 Riley 2½-Litre RMC in Jinnah, 1998 ??
1948 Riley 2½-Litre RMC in Gideon's Day, 1958 **
1948 Riley 2½-Litre RMC in Dick Barton at Bay, 1950 **
1950 Riley 2½-Litre RMC in Villa Cariño está que arde, 1968 **


Original factory Publicity Photograph

Clubs in the Uk catering for this model:-

All other countries on the contact page. Due to public liability laws spares can only be sold to current club members. Both clubs have a considerable spare parts supply  so best join at least one to gain information, help, and  information from the experts who have already 'been there' . Cars are also cheaper with known histories sold via the clubs than ebay etc.
Riley Motor Club  for all ages inc pre war cars originally a gents club of owners 

The Riley RM Club  Started in the 70's to cater for the RM's only with large spares department