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Where the ‘B kept the same basic look as the ‘A, but had a longer wheelbase and bonnet and in 1946, 90bhp was available, eventually this went up to 100bhp by 1948.  By happy coincidence, this also brought top speed up to 100mph as well.  A total of 1,050 models were produced after introduction   in 1952. Replacing the large RMB limousine in 1952, the Riley RMF was once again powered by the upgraded 2.5 L 'Big Four' engine and also shared the mechanical updates from the RME model.  1952’s RMF was an almost identical-looking replacement with improved suspension, hydraulic brakes in place of the previous hydromechanical ones and a larger, curved rear screen unfortunately only in production for 20 months. Manufacture continued until 1953 the RMF was the first to cease production as the 2½litre car gave way to Gerald Palmer's Riley RMH Pathfinder in 1953.

Numerical prefix were added to the   diamond bulkhead  plate  for RMs  as in pre war cars until 1952 when it stopped and can be checked via the chassis number held by the club
36S=1946 RMA; 37S= 1946 RMA;  38S= 1948 RMA; 39S= 1949 RMA;  40S= 1950 RMA;  41S= 1951 RMA; 42S= 1952 RME; etc
56S=1946 RMB; 57S= 1946 RMB;  58S= 1948 RMB; 59S= 1949 RMB;  60S= 1950 RMB;  61S= 1951 RMB; 62S= 1952 RMF; etc

 Production Figures:-

RMF 1952  805 UK; 161 RHD export; 80 LHD export;  (1059 total includes drophead/roadster) ~ Chassis numbers 62S 9203 to 10261

**the 1952 RMF figures obviously include a few late RMB to balance the known statistics RMF starts at 62S 9911

RMF 1953  536 UK; 65 RHD export; 98 LHD export;  (699 total includes drophead/roadster) ~ Chassis numbers 63S 10262 to 10960

sold via Hemmings 2017

Real Anorak info, Riley RMF 's in Films/TV:-
1953 Riley 2½-Litre RMF in How We Used to Live, 2014 *
1953 Riley 2½-Litre RMF in London for a Day, 1962 * LWY(?) 143