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Coachbuilt Riley Shooting Brake / Estate Cars 1

* all estates with sufficient information or photographs will be listed separately*

I.J.Urquhart & Sons, Station Road Garage, Petersfield, Hants. Estate  Shooting Brake, Advertised in Autocar for December 19 1947 as a 1.5 litre. The advert shows a one peice windscreen on a foreshortened scuttle . All four doors hinge from the central pillar with rexine and plastic 'faux leather'  interior trim and non folding seats which would have stopped the purchase tax and petrol coupon break hence the single one known to be built. It was described in Autocar as having " . . . . a fixed back panel and permanent seat and is not therefore classed as a  'utility' vehicle. The body is constructed entirely of oak framework with timber panelling(wrong it was plastic) and is upholstered in plastic material which has the appearance of leather, the top sies and roof being lined with cloth. A large flat upholstered platform behind the rear seat affords generous luggage space. Bonnet,wings androof top are in blue polychromatic cellulose. The weight is 1/2cwt above that of the standard saloon"

Became a listed company in 1937 as J. Urquhart and Son, Ltd. (324,578). — Private company. Registered February 22nd. Capital £5,000 in 2.000 5 per cent, cumulative preference and 3.000 ordinary shares of £1. Objects: To acquire the business of motor engineers and haulage contractors heretofore carrie' on by John Urquhart and Murray R. Urquhart at Station Road Garage, Petersfield, Hants. The directors are: John Urquhart, Murray R. Urquhart, Mrs Rose Urquhart, Mrs. Evelyn Urquhart. etc. . . . . .so a family firm

They are also listed in 'Motor Industry' vol 69 for 1950 as :-  "specialists in body repairs, painting and upholstery work J. Urquhart & Son Ltd., Petersfield."

Photo © RM archives from J.Urquart who own the original plates

2.Mapco Builders of Bankshill, Lockerbie Estate / Shooting Brake, single piece windscreen, four door, not on dvla. If you check out Bankshill online it is a minute Scottish village so apologies re any more information. Reports of one almost identical in the south east London kent area from the 1970's have yet to be proven but as it never turned up in a scrapyard may still survive in a barn. (Pixilated as from a magazine/press image.)

Photo from  Autocar will redo when time

3.HOX 926 Frank Grounds 1948 Estate ( car alive on dvla now blue),In the original format it had a smaller front windscreen than the RM  and a beam to the bottom of the screen which formed the bulkhead suggesting a standard Riley had been altered due to woodworm The car then had a rooflining and plain rexine door panels to the interior with sliding windows.

Frank D V Grounds, b.1889 Notting Hill, London, in 1911 at 192 Park Road Aston Manor as a Furniture Remover & General Carter. He had married Minnie L Perrins in the last quarter of 1910. He died aged 68 in Sutton Coldfield in 1st quarter 1957( info from the family).  The car works was at Little Aston Lane, Little Aston, Sutton Coldfield and later was renamed Three Spires Motors On this particular car the oak estate body  was transferred to an RME chassis from a poorly RMA one by Gavin Lumsden so still lives. For more on Frank Grounds and some truly stunning photographs check this link and look at times gone by click here

Photo © RM archives a nice colour one from the owner would be good

Frank Grounds Invoice showing a considerable range and a familiar font

Some of Frank Grounds Estate Cars from the above website of photographs

4.GWF 84  Swain Group 37S 14093  (Swain Estate / Shooting Brake not on dvla but a Sheffield registration), sold new  December 2nd for £1175 where the car was £913 . The debate now starts as to whether by Percy Fritz Swain who had motoring interests in Chorlton Manchester and later owned Jack Barclay's / H.R.Owen or the Swain Group from Kent who were hauliers to Covent Garden. Personally as his son says "His business grew from strength to strength and expanded throughout the North of England, in the process securing the most coveted licenses to sell luxury cars, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. In 1946, he made the decision to move to London and bought a business called H R Owen, re-opening its premises in Berkley Street with 40 cars in stock." They are also listed via Dun and Bradstreet as 'Swain Holdings'  of Berkeley Street, London 1947 a private company. By the termination papers in  1961 as 'motor car dealers, engineers, oilwell equipment engineers and coach builders'

Photo © RM Club Archives / R Memoranda

5. Dibben FCR 338  37S Estate / Shooting Brake, by Dibben Southampton,registered Portsmouth/Southampton  not on dvla / FCR 339 37S12527 Estate / Shooting Brake, by Dibben Southampton,registered Portsmouth/Southampton  (alive on dvla now red) two nearside doors one offside originally possibly for a childrens home. The firm appears in a wartime Ministry of Labour paper as a supplier of motors as W. Dibben & Sons, Ltd., Southampton and on ebay as a supplier of bath taps so probably an engineering firm doing whatever pays. Also listed as:-  Contractors of St Mary's Road, Southampton (July 1949); of Lower William St., Northam Southampton (August 1949). 1874 Company founded. 1927 Public company.  By 1961 listed as builders' and decorators merchants, tool merchants, glass-workers, ironmongers, leaded lights and brick manufacturers. Specialists in steel fabrication, sheet metal work and tiled fireplaces. 1,100 employees.

FCR 338 (Pixilated as from a magazine/press image.)

FCR 339 All Photos from  © RM Club Archive

6.ETR 582 RMA Estate Found - Salisbury, Wilts in 1981. Pixilated as from a magazine/press image.

Photos from  © RM Club Archive R Memorands 9/81 sometime will get a better pic

7.Harold Godwin made three estate cars /Info from A.P.Bird personally from Harold Godwin @ Harold Godwin(1944) Ltd, in Suffolk Street, Birmingham letter to RK

Advert for Harold Godwin  ltd  from 1946 Riley Record of mine suspect many Birmingham cars are from him

8.EAP 801 37S 14019  ('Harveys Hearse' Estate / Shooting Brake / Van possible home design or  just plumb ugly first registered in Brighton /East Sussex, 5-8-1948. . . EAP 801  went to Poland and came back with a drophead body, which begs the question of from whence came the rear body tub, boot lid, windscreen front panel etc etc on the rebuilt version of the car, alive and now green so pics please. Any others of it in this format pics too  as these do it no justice

Photo's © RM Club Archives / R Memoranda 3/2001, 1/2003

 pic from Jocelyn Martin ( many thanks )

EAP now after a trip to the Polish chop top workshop. . . their first improvement !

9.EMR 972 1947 1.5 litre Estate / Shooting Brake built Salisbury not on dvla probable twin to EWV 624, Number 227 in the Daily Express Rally of 1952. Second picture EMR 972  at the 13th Riley Motor Club Winter Sports Rally 1953 in Wiltshire published in  News Exchange May 1953 Photo  from National Motor Museum

Photo's © RM Club Archives

10.AKS 763 chassis 58S 3836 registered 15 October 1948 only 2 1/2 litre estate known to survive in 1984 R Mem 6/84. The car has no chassis plate and the old green log book has it as 58 S3536  so not as club records with engine B1996 originally (now R1330). The car although poorly in these 1983 pics shows lots of similarities to the Massey designs right down to the auxillary fuel tanks, panelling is similar as are the four door and tail gate layout but it is NOT on the Massey records adding to the supposition that they sold 'plans' and 'blueprints'. The car was bought from a doctor in 1960 found in the proverbial barn and in its present/then  state needed a woodwork frame . The tailgate of the vehicle had fallen apart  and is shown as a sketch below. The car is now maroon and alive,taxed etc. more pics somewhere safe and hopefully located soon


Photo's © Howard Blakeman to RK in 1983

WVW 100 information needed please

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