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The History of Riley  by Image

The company spans the industry historically from  cycles, the dawn of motoring to the racing projects of the thirties and beyond they can also be searched by clicking on the image. There are other cars produced in minute numbers such as the Coach and the Sportsman which are linked within the site as are the coachbuilt cars and many many more pages. To find cars simply try the search bar above.

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1923-27 40hp, first 9's Saloons, Coupe', Coupe de Ville, Sports etc

Sidevalves and the start of the 9hp Riley . . . . . .pic to be updated later

Project Cars

The Riley company seems to have backed and been included in more motorsport projects and challenges  and competitions than most

March 1933

Approximately fifty three are thought to have been sold of which some 27 are confirmed  by both chassis and registration numbers  by the Riley Register..

Lincock 1932-34

The Riley Lincock was a Coupe first sold in October 1932
which with the ‘Special Series’ twin carburettor engine
was originally  £315 new

Mentone 1932-35

Produced between 1932 and 1935, the 12/6  Saloon used a lengthened version of the chassis used on the original Riley Nine

Kestrel 1932-41

One of the best looking sporty vintage saloons ever made and the most  obviously  'Art Deco'  design of any Riley models. Technically  a lowered  Monaco  with  roof line  sculpted  to reach the rear of the boot giving an aerodynamic profile

Imp 1933-6

The Riley Imp's chassis featured a 7ft 6in wheelbase, sweeping up over the front axle and under-slung at the rear, duplicating the design  success on the 'Brooklands' six and basically a smaller nippier M.P.H

Lynx 1932-38

The Lynx was the biggest selling, longest running, most surviving   open  top car Riley built. Versions appeared  on every chassis except  the V8

MPH 1934-5

The Riley MPH is a rare, two-seat sports car made between 1934 and 1935.  The chassis used  half-elliptic springs and rigid axles front and rear, was based on  the car prepared for the 1933 TT races

TT / Sprite 1935

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