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Massey  Riley Shooting Brake / Estate Car

*all estates with sufficient information or photographs will be listed separately*

 Photographs are from the companies archives  showing that thtree estate bodies were produced registered as FWF999, GWF 320 and HWF993 plus the van GWF749 all registered in the East Riding in Beverley.None are known to have survived with HWF last known in York in 1965. The first of these FWF was completed for  July 1948 on a 1947 chassis and sold to Mr J. Powell of Hessle  near Hull. The next GWF went to Mr R.Nelson  in January 1949 and the last eventually finished in 1950 but registered in January 1951 to Mr Massey. This car had the dog mascot as in the photographs of the first car so possibly intended for the same owner.

The estates started with a flat single piece windscreen but later the correct Riley one was used . The advert and editorial appeared in the Autocar in August 13th 1948 showing a beech frame with alaplast ( laminated sheets of polypropelyne with veneer or high resolution finishes to the exterior). The panels were described as having a teak  and walnut veneer and the doors as in many central hung from the single pillar ( memo heavy wooden doors on T brackets to a wooden chassis mounting block will never last. . . been there etc on EVE as woodworm and rot will win). Seats were in beige connolly hide over dunlopillo cushions. The advert read "Constructed as a saloon and NOT a utility car , the Massey body on a 1 1/2 litre chassis shown in the photographs has an obvious appeal. Seating comprises two bucket seats in front and a bench type rear seat well within the wheelbase; footwells allow ample leg room in the rear.

The rest of the car is devoted to luggage space,an extensive parcel rack being behind the rear seat squab and a very deep boot at the rear with a normal drop down lid. Inside the boot on eaither side are auxillary petrol tanks holding five gallons each - an excellent feature (jerry cans ?)

Interior is in beige hide covering Dunlipillo cushions and the wooden framework is in German Beech with Alaplast panels having a teak background and walnut exterior veneer . Chromium plated rods protect the rear windows from luggage placed on the rack behind the rear set.. . . . . .price not yet quoted"

Interestingly after this design was featured in the press many single car builders appear to have used what appears to be identical designs causing speculation that Massey being a shrewd businessman actually sold his designs and probably the measurements. .  check the Wiltshire car surviving and others.

  Robert B Massey & Co Ltd, were a large garage and coach builders, in Market Weighton,with the  business developing from a small garage and workshop originally at the site of what is now a supermarket and car park. By the 1960's/70's the Massey Motors Division was merged with Gordon Armstrong Ltd and distributed Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Rover and Triumph cars throughout East Yorkshire as the Armstrong-Massey Division and had moved up to Rolls Royce cars. The companies were purchased by the giant Unilever Corporation in 1974  The archives are held by RBM who are now an agricultural engineering company.

Photo  from  Massey Archives / ©  RM Club Archives

Clubs in the Uk catering for this model:-

All other countries on the contact page. Due to public liability laws spares can only be sold to current club members. Both clubs have a considerable spare parts supply  so best join at least one to gain information, help, and  information from the experts who have already 'been there' . Cars are also cheaper with known histories sold via the clubs than ebay etc.

The Riley RM Club  Started in the 70's to cater for the RM's only with large spares department

Riley Motor Club  for all ages inc pre war cars originally a gents club of owners,the oldest club