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 Riley March Special ...

The bodies themselves were not actually made by Riley, and approximately fifty three are thought to have been sold of which some 27 are identified by both chassis and registration numbers by the Riley Register. Sold as a ‘2 plus 2’ sports model, priced at £335, this was a bridge between the  competition models and more sedate Lynx tourer.
The Special Series models now features a two-carburetter engine and costs only £17 extra. Produced by Kevill-Davies and  built by John Charles & Sons of Kew at March Coachworks They were mainly sold via John Charles, Bruton Street. Mayfair  using their own bodywork and Riley mechanics.Internally they were  fitted with 5 in. speedometer and revolution counter and offered on the 9 h.p Special Series and 12 h.p. six-cylinder chassis. The March in the firm's name was Freddie March who was more formally known as The Duke of Richmond and Gordon the owner of Goodwood House

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,    &  those from other countries listed here

car sold via Robin Lawton with a known history

One of the sales pics from 1932

The pictures below are from Hemmings  Magazine article on an original untouched March click here for the full page and article on Don Milligan's car in 2007 . Answer yes I do seek out oily rag pics rather than smart side elevations as you learn more from an original car than a glossy image. This one has a preselect box either added new or very early in its life and spent most of its life in various museums. For Robin Lawton's youtube video of RT 9473 when for sale click here for a video tour of the car.


This list is mainly from Register data there are others as yet unrecorded. Non Uk cars are listed where known by their Uk registration number as anyone working within the military or civil service could take their vehicles pre war meaning many vehicles spread throughout the world in addition to exports. The last chassis and registration  number is replaced with an *asterisk but known to the clubs .There will be others in other clubs and countries please click + email info