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EWV 624  Riley Shooting Brake / Estate Car

*all estates with sufficient information or photographs will be listed separately*

EWV624 The chassis was supplied directly by Riley early 1947 ( Chassis number 37S11836) and the body was fitted by the village garage at Netherhampton near Salisbury. Due to it being an almost identical design to the Dobbs, Goodwin or  Massey produced cars it would be a reasonable supposition that it was either a kit (unlikely) or a design sheet/blueprint purchased in and sold by one of the companies. As Masseys have good records it is reasonable to suppose it is the nearer one Dobbs from Southampton who supplied designs for the East Coker car. The car when built proved so popular with shooting parties in Wiltshire and Scotland that another chassis was ordered from Riley and an identical car built ( in all probability EMR 972). However as most bespoke cars took between a year and in one case over two years to construct ther is normally a substantial delay between purchse and registration as shown by chassis numbers. 

This car has survived in the original ownership from new with a light refurbishment  in the 1970's (  partial respray and re varnish due to bat poop in some areas) then after his death in 2001 was kept in the family. The owner was a land agent responsible for shooting parties and land management both in Wiltshire and extensive Scottish estates hence the original expensive purchase. Shortly after the respray the engine was given a complete engine overhaul and used for a few years and again in the early 1990's. As shown in the photographs the roof line and height has been raised considerably making the car stand 1,828m tall. The roof is again sheet canvas but painted to match the car and is further strengthened inside by a series of semi decorative polished wooden spars on a frame as in many other surviving cars. All exterior side panels are made of varnished faux wood effect aluminium within an oak frame with the interior of these clad in aluminium painted  in an unflattering 'pale frog' colour and beige ( brown according to the dvla).

The rear tailgate differs radically from other surviving estates/shooting brakes in that the top portion is fixed by removable sliding hinges which allow it to be easily and simply removed and impressively also driven in this manner. I did enqure at the time if this was for shooting but apparently after trying once this was never repeated!

Windows throughout are non standard, side ones being sliding and the front windscreen although RM in shape is in fact much deeper and is placed almost verticaly with a very substantial opening mechanism ( typical farming quality indestructible fittings everywhere).

Another feature common in many estates is a foreshortening of the bulkhead. On this car it is not as dramatic as on EVE and others as there is sufficient space for a battery compartment and tool lockers in their usual RM positions. This design causes a very abrupt change having an RM front and bulky slab rear. The front doors open 'in the modern manner' ie hinged at the front rather than being 'suicide doors' hinged at the rear. This results in it being one of the few estates to wear trafficators that work as many have larger timber constructions preventing them.RK

N.B.The car pictured below is totally stunning . It helps if you have land in Scotland,Wiltshire and London. Last on the road 1993 garaged since new but the later twin was sold a few years after order/purchase. No apologies for a full roll of film ( done pre digital) on one car it deserves it and yes there was a lot of newsprint and junk to move before I pushed it into daylight. There are also digital close ups of details to the base of the page taken 2019 as the car is being readied for sale with seats to be fitted  and made useful for humans rather than guns ( any interest do yell as I know where it is etc and NOT as the RM Memoranda says in Fonthill  that is mine EVE but the chance of two estates with a few miles is astronomic. *** This car is due to be refurbished internally in 202 to allow proper human /Riley seats to be fitted as in its present format it is not a working car. The pictures below were taken to show the before and when completed the car will be offered for sale or I can forward information on or phone 07548170829  for Steve who is doing the work for the daughter of the original owner helped by the club to source parts***

The pair is possibly EMR 972 which was pictured used in Salisbury in various Riley Club  and sporting events and also registered as a Wiltshire car.

sorry for last vertigo inducing pic of tailgate better one below

removable back window done for shooting presumably with ear mufflers obligatory

Photos from  © Ros King archives taken 1980's next lot below taken November 2019. This car is due to be refurbished internally in 202 to allow proper human /Riley seats to be fitted as in its present format it is not a working car. The pictures below were taken to show the before and when completed the car will be offered for sale or I can forward information on or phone 07548170829  for Steve who is doing the work for the daughter of the original owner helped by the club to source parts

Door hinges, most chromework painted from new to match the car ( owner as a farm manager did not 'do' polish)

Battery in the floor. . . carpet 1960's nylon

Rexine over rear door and aluminium to side of the roof

Inner roof is green canvas as used in old shop awning/ blinds etc over flat spars

Metal tubing to contain semaphore arm indicator electrics

Rubber straps to support the dropping door partition

Original wooden floor with storage/foot well and surround to support

Inner footwell/storage This is all due to be removed so proper seats may be fitted and the car sold

Original seat squabs in rexine

Canvas painted roof and screwed on guttering

Truncated/skinny spares store

Lamps and all normally chromed items delivered painted from new

Square boxy front with dropped roof limiting visibility if over tall

Lights etc all original teardrop lucas headlights etc

Rear boot/loading area with corner reinforcing stansion brackets

Hinges allow removal of the top part of the rear door for shooting ( done once only)

Inner side to support floor when used for guns/game

Shows height and boxiness of the design ie as aerodynamic as a brick

Tailgate fixings

rubber coated chains to drop tailgate

spare wheel compartment. . .  useless when tow bracket is on

Shows dropped rear roofline to match front for visibility obstruction unless shorter in height

Preserve the car by using a cover in a bat area. .  I have to House Martins are equally toxic to cars

Shows how upright the front screen is and how boxy. The second wiper works with a slave bar when fitted

Apologies my P1800 now needs new panels resprayed to look less patchy

Seriously tall slab front not built for speed

Rexine panels to front as well to bridge between roof and screen

Semaphore electrics( they work still)

Rear door rexine panelling

The front landrover seat was used as Stephen was reasonably tall and he found it comfier

Rear wing stays are somewhat substantial

The haevy door has started to produce a fracture crack when left open

Clubs in the Uk catering for this model:-

All other countries on the contact page. Due to public liability laws spares can only be sold to current club members. Both clubs have a considerable spare parts supply  so best join at least one to gain information, help, and  information from the experts who have already 'been there' . Cars are also cheaper with known histories sold via the clubs than ebay etc.

Riley Motor Club  for all ages inc pre war cars originally a gents club of owners 

The Riley RM Club  Started in the 70's to cater for the RM's only with large spares department