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EVE 570  Riley Shooting Brake / Estate Car

*all estates with sufficient information or photographs will be listed separately*

**very image heavy page apologies to your computer. Also if going to rebuild a RM estate skip this page. This was written as some find parts in the 1980's amusing without knowledge of the back story which I was quiet about then**

Now to plead nepotism/favouritism and any other relevant 'ism'  this is my car so loads of pics. I first saw this car at a special Riley 'do' invited  to with parents by Alan Smith my godfather ( father of the RAP Adrian) also with Fred B.  in Manchester. I was a small child surrounded by men in those long grey macs etc wittering about cars but listened to some  as my uncle Fred Bullough (British Leyland+ Truck n'Bus) was with them. The car was said to be designed with Riley and Issigonis ( I thought then he was a ice cream maker apologies Sir Alec and my ears still ring from that thump !) and others to make an 80% wooden Riley to get around the steel shortages and they were all talking about how important EVE was when made in 1945  and how lucky there were to have it at this  Riley exhibition. I thought she was cute and also sat in a few, raided the snacks and remembered the distinctive number etc (the headache helped).They had what I remembered as most of the range with pre and post war cars there.

She then turned up for sale when I was at college but in Norfolk and even though I asked the seller to wait he sold it to a man in Somerset/Devon who collected loads of Rileys. After a marriage break up I inherited a few coins which I promptly sold and searched for EVE with money burning a hole in the pocket and a new future. By asking a very nice police man and extending his alcohol consumption with a few bottles the pnc revealed locataion and I was told the car had gone to a local fete untaxed, uninsured and the owner had been given a written warning = address!. I thus hitch hiked across Somerset with a pocket full of cash ( not recommended now so do not copy), knocked on the poor gentlemans door who must have imagined demented female but bearing money. He agreed to sell and then I looked at her ( another error, wrong order) no exhaust, very sad, under and behind other Riley body panels and wings . We got her into the road with a battery holding some charge, an unsecured drainpipe with bent bean cans, wire etc to make a sort of exhaust and set off back overnight to ex husbands house as nearest and no money for a trailer. It soon became clear that the electrics had met an over friendly rodent as the torpedo lights worked or the wipers and to use both meant smoke inside the car which I knew was never a good sign so any car approaching meant instant stop in case of the 'boys in blue' ( again do not repeat this action).

Eve came home to Tisbury and was MOT'd with a few bits done but underneath the frame had pretty well gone, the drivers side door had been in a side on collision many years back and mended with plastic padding, the body mounting blocks were woodwormed and mostly missing, the seats had active rodents (feline rodent removal system worked). As she would need a pretty full rebuild in the future the idea was to save funds and drive her until she almost broke. I took her to the 1983 rally which was a major error on my part as under enough medication to flatten an elephant and warned re driving ( I had acquired a 'stalker' from the car  club who caused this and my reaction was to learn to shoot  well after the second burglary with nasty notes painted on my wall and pre internet/police taking you seriously). Eve then ended up being mended in a field by many members of the club  after a conflict with a post office van and they  probably wondered at my state for which my eternal thanks and help as you did not realise how important that was to me to not give in. Unfortunately after this the stalker /idiot came back with a vengence anything I wrote for the magazine or did caused new mail to my home, dead pets and threats of violence etc so I stopped all car meets. I then made my second major error I remarried to a man who hated my cars and liked dainty ladies in dresses ( his error) so my cars went into garages and barns away from home for 'safety'. After his death in 2009 I first bought a 1933  Lynx with my savings and asked re rebuilding EVE and am living the rest of my time with my cars so if the pest who made my life hell for years reads this 'tough'.

2013 Documented present state for Roger Simpkins for him to consider making new body to match as he thought it an interesting 'project'

2014 Car off to Wootton Bassett to Roger. . . I work overtime (self employed)

2015 Car returns to Shaftesbury for a respray ( still on overtime)

2016 Started the year in style metal work sprayed, body complete, spares bought and unearthed off to be reassembled. Engine then  found to be seized so off for a rebuild. Starts to be dissassembled and Roger at Saunders in Romsey  thought it felt wrong so off for an xray. Huge internal crack on the gold seal engine so decided not safe/cost effective to rebuild. Look online no early RMA engines at afforable prices  so brave the spares cave. . . . This is an upstairs area of my barn built in 1988 with all my spares block and tackled upstairs whist caring for small baby, but now taken over by arachnids, bats and dust with no lights. Get new working mag torch this renders all arachnids at least 6 foot tall and noisy (!?) so send in cats.. . . these remove rodents with teeth and disturb arachnids who wave menancingly. Find engines etc, decide which is RM, move spares heap and loads of wire wheels for Falcon etc to expose engine. Drag said engine forward to light  RMA engine 227. . . . oops complete and  the only one I did not take apart and as bought in an Abingdon scrapyard in 1975 ( for £2.50 with other bits cost in total £5 ) now a tad solid. Every visitor (2) is then given wrenches /WD40 to the point the postman looks worried and drives off quickly. A slightly smaller lump still complete with head and sump  minus starter etc is waddled nearer to staircase and then horror hits. The engine came up before the staircase existed and the block and tackle were put 'somewhere safe' to stop me using them by husband determined I should be ladylike (bit late there). Searched and searched cannot find and cannot ask him as 6ft below but after what I now called him perhaps safer. Next move how to get an engine down steep narrow wooden stairs. . . . brainwave pull a sickie. Due to looking after aged  parent of  then 93 quite simple to look frail ask sons, friends of sons, anything young male and strong. Engine was then strapped to a scaffold plank many phone calls made for assistance and brought downstairs and put on to plastic sheeting. Next move, it will not go in Berlingo, P1800 or definitely not the Lynx ( nil propulsion with that weight). Bribe sons friend to borrow works van, bribe again for son and friends to deliver to engine fettler  (Saunders) in Southampton. Sit back, tidy house await Christmas and hope next year progress can be made on the most awkward rebuild know to RM's. This became an even  slower rebuild as the b fettler kept going to other jobs back eventually for 2018 !

When Bought:-The car has a Brazilian mahogany frame, Paxolin  side panels, linoleum floor with aluminium strips, canvas roof over a wooden strip frame and plywood laths, flat boot hinges of the RM pattern (months of waiting to get re machined to fit at Lamb Engineering ),bronze overriders and a mix of pre and post war knobs to the dashboard etc. Two doors with fold flat seats to ensure the tax reduction . The car has a standard engine but a pre war horn fixed under the offside wing. Lever arm shock absorbers, early grille but when bought no chrome strips on the bonnet but bonnet was original. The battery was positioned under the front seat. The seats in front are dropped and on a frame not runners with bolts to the floor to increase the headroom. The back squab has been replaced with a saloon base rather than a kapok/dunlopillo filled bench as in many other estates. Roof lining is timber withthe back floor timber covered in linoleum and metal strips. When the back door is lifted there is a drop in compartment for the spare wheel. The back door uses existing RM hinges but flat and not 'handed' and lifts up with no fitted prop (broom handle supplied!). The brightwork has D lamps and bronze overriders both chromed and original. The exterior roof is sailcloth with a fitted guttering. Body mounting was wooden blocks rendered into fresh air and bolts by rot and woodworm. Eventually registered  9th May 1946 RK.

These  pictures were done as  I argued at that rally as to how b' low the roofline of EVE was so asked DCX to drive to a blank bit of field to compare as when  positioned like this it becomes very obvious how much of a weird design EVE was and considering how much wood  was used how any survived is remarkable.

with both rear doors elevated

The marks under the mid back window show where plastic padding had  been used to bodge  damage, the drivers door, part pillar and cills were a mixture of sotwood, plastic padding and woodworm with the body mounting block a bolt 'sans' wood.Yes that is a tow bar on a low slung RMA cast iron b heavy and bolted to the chassis. The door hinges are NOT handed and curved but straight and factory made as the car was a factory  run project done to see if a predominately wooden car was feasible. Answer is yes but next time do not choose  Brazilian mahogany

Photos from  © Ros King archives taken 1980's
The reason they are so shiny as many pics were taken about 6.30 in the morning as on the one of DCX , hence the B&W done later in the day. I get up silly early always  and everywhere was peaceful ( The Yorkshire lot were asleep)

At the RM Rally pic by Glenn Crawford me in front taking pics ( when thinner/younger)

2002 eviction by council

Wood rot at the back is very visible here making it become a'replace' option rather than a repair. The whole body has warped as the right side was hit side on and bodged pre my o.wnership

Interior is ply with aluminium strips over linoleaum on the floor

The 'speckles' are woodworm on the thin laths, the frame survived and is reused

Plastic padding does not make for a stable RM body

Body off to Malvern to have the aluminium scuttle etc done by the metal workers for Morgan Cars aka old fashioned tinsmiths

After return from Morgan and the beginning of fine shaping the wood

The door was altered . The spare wheel cover is now external and the door split as the extreme weight distorts the body of the vehicle. This also strengthens the design as this was the first part to rot previously.

With cills and scuttle the shape is now coming back

October 2015 paxolin panels going in, varnished etc

Original roof frame  survived and back in situ

Roger Simpkins who made the body  with a wtf its almost finished face

The paint work is back to the same maroon then work stopped as mum became bedridden until her death Christmas Eve 2017

2018 My mother then became bedridden in 2016 and died @ almost 95 at Christmas  so a gap while the  engine was done helped . Spraying all done on to the last lap, wiring, rebuilding. Clutch just done so not many bits left undone
Autumn 2018 Engine in, brakes almost done ( many thanks Alec for finding the missing handbrake pistol grip ). Wiring started, seats off to be redone as although torn and gnawed when bought I caught a large (ex) rodent having a feast so the damage was then beyond saving. The seats were made for the car on a wooden base with large hinges screwed to the floor to tip up and allow rear passengers to get in. The idea is to get the front pair done first as the rear may need the car there as the body may be slightly off and need altering to fit. The aim is the next rally ( sans rear seats and interior trim). . . .  it was the last one but mum became too bad and as I was sole carer I was stuck as she was the priority and the NHS/Social Services do nothing if you live in a smarter house + have relatives.

2019 Sanity and the rebuilding of both mum's house as an Airbnb and mine with a large four bay cart shed/barn in wood means Lynx ( slow pootler for warm days)+Falcon (hooligan car on corners)+EVE will have snug dry  stabling  which plus the shop and online business = farm out tasks for practicality . My thanks  to New Garage Harnham and Elaine, Autosparks, Alec Gatherer who believed I could do it, John Byron (ditto), RM club spares, and Lundegaard Spares for the stupid items lost over the years. She will initially have no back seats as these need to be fitted . No heater or wiper motor( I forgot them so on the later to do list). She will have chips in the paint to remedy later and many thousands of little things but will drive again and I will smile and keep silent for all who ask 'where's Adam' or 'its a big Morris Minor estate'

All pics © Ros Wilson /Ros King

Clubs in the Uk catering for this model:-

All other countries on the contact page. Due to public liability laws spares can only be sold to current club members. Both clubs have a considerable spare parts supply  so best join at least one to gain information, help, and  information from the experts who have already 'been there' . Cars are also cheaper with known histories sold via the clubs than ebay etc.
Riley Motor Club  for all ages inc pre war cars originally a gents club of owners 

The Riley RM Club  Started in the 70's to cater for the RM's only with large spares department