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Brooklands  9  . . .one of the most revered engines of the time...

"Almost as soon as these new (9hp) models arrived on the scene, interest was shown in the engine by J G Parry-Thomas, who joined forces with Reid Railton to produce an 1,100cc racing chassis which Railton drove to undreamed-of success at Brooklands. Later, after Thompson and Taylor had developed the chassis, Riley put into production the 9hp Speed Model, which quickly became a legend as the Brooklands Nine. It was a Brooklands Nine which won the Rudge Whitworth Cup at Le Mans in 1934.' - As Old As The Industry: Riley 1898 - 1969, David G Styles."

First produced in 1926, Percy Riley's 9hp engine a 1,087cc, twin-camshaft four was radical new engine design with the capacity for sport. Brooklands 9 had  stunning bodywork designed by Stanley Riley,  110 in total were made between 1928 and 1932. The 'official' Brooklands chassis had been  shortened to an 8' wheelbase (from the standard Nine's 8' 10.5") then low-slung in the extreme. Body construction varied as usual for Riley, ranging from wood-framed, steel-panelled, two-door types  for touring, to  lightweight, door-less, alloy ones used at Le Mans.

The engine differed from the standard Nine's adding a water pump, high-compression pistons, different camshafts, four-branch exhaust manifold and twin carburettors, to produce around 50bhp at 5,000 rpm. The allowed a competitive entry into the 1,100cc sports car class (Class G),  dominated by Continental makes.  Riley Brooklands successes included various Class G world records,  class win in the RAC Tourist Trophy,  outright win at  1932 Ulster Tourist Trophy plus victory in the JCC 1,000 Miles Race.

Caveat Emptor of the 110 made many many more 'survive' after being recreated from chopping other cars and adding modern bodies and tweaks. When buying any more top end Riley check with the club archives and DVLA as they both hold records on the cars origin. Also any car bought within the club will be sold with 'warts and all' information.

This is incorrectly labelled as an earlier use of the same pic locates it as at  the 1932 Ulster TT

Videos Available:-     "International 500-Mile Race At Brooklands (1935) Freddie Dixon /Dixons ‘Red Mongrel’

"R.A.C. International T.T. race over 410 mile ARDS Course  C. R. Whitcroft (Riley) wins

VSCC Silverstone 1958 Race  I have not not identified the Rileys but worth a watch

 from the Bystander September  28th 1927

Now for real anorak Riley stuff. . . Riley Brooklands in  Films and TV.

1929 Riley Nine Brooklands in The Bretts, 1987-1989 ?? (WF 6134)

1929 Riley Nine Brooklands in The Austin Festival Review, 1951 **

1930 Riley Nine Brooklands in The Austin Festival Review, 1951 **

1930 Riley Nine Brooklands in The Austin Festival Review, 1951 ** differing cars

1931 Riley Nine Brooklands in The Best of British: The History of Jaguar, 2005 **

Riley Nine Brooklands Special in Safety Fast, 1950 **

1928 Riley Brooklands  © CLIFF JONES PHOTOGRAPHY

1928 Riley Brooklands  @Cliff Jones