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Australian  Contemporary 'Converted' Rileys

This page is for early and contemporary conversions of Riley cars NOT 'specials' constructed for financial gain from perfectly sound healthy cars. These will mainly be home constructed of the 'make do and mend' reasoning that was essential in the post war austerity years but reflect a time now gone, many will no  longer survive in this format as rebodied 'smarter' but still worth documenting.

1.Australian 2.5 litre 1950 Riley Estate, chassis number 60S 7595 RMB. The body was produced by Ron Spearman of Broken Hill  originally using a Holden wagon roof brazed on to the RM saloon. The rear windows were believed to be perspex, and it still had a sloping boot floor, like the sedans as the rear was grafted on rather than properly rebuilt. The first pictures show shortly after conversion, the composite photo shows how the car presently is shown up for sale plus the original front elevation. Photos from Phil Soden

© from Phil Soden

© from Phil Soden /

© from Phil Soden

2. Head Brothers of Murrumbeena RMB conversion. Special drophead coupe 2 1/2 litre The Australian car was bodied  from a chassis imported by Mr R Hood in 1949 then built by Head Bros. Bodied in aluminium over tubular steel Used for racing  R Mem 9/82

"These two are the same RMB chassis which was imported to Australia as a bare chassis by Robert Hood who designed the tourer body which was built by Head Bros. in Melbourne. Robert raced it during 1950 as well as family use. He sold the car after a few years and it deteriorated to the degree that in 1959 the body was thrown away, the chassis shortened and became a dedicated race car which it continues today." from Geoff McInnes on FB

3.An Australian Woodie possibly a saloon conversion R Memoranda 1/03

Photo © RM Club Archives / R Memoranda

© from Blue Diamond by permission of the Riley Motor Club of Australia Victoria Area and the RM Club Archives

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