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 Riley Ascot  . .A 2-seater drophead coupe with dickey seat..

 The Riley Ascot was fully launched in late 1931 sold as a 2-seater drophead coupe using the nine engine with dickey seat. (From an elderly user of dickey seats. . . . . useful for things from market if tied down and slowed down  on all corners but not so good if a child in north Lancs moors as you had to find something to hang on to most corners or you were thrown out. Apparently their grandma drove like a hooligan with cup hooks on the doors upper cills and a strap to hold doors closed or the body flexed and they opened.) 

Early sales used  the nine chassis, and later on the wider less agile  6-cylinder chassis. Another of Riley's many many models at this time with smaller sales compared to the later Riley Lynx and Riley Gamecock Also available as the  ‘Plus Ultra’ with a dropped chassis frame that enabled  occupants to be seated within the wheelbase, with  the benefit of a smoother ride, comfort and handling, while increasing interior space and improving access.

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DH 9991 when sold in 2005

TJ 6272 when sold

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1933 Riley Ascot x 2 © CLIFF JONES PHOTOGRAPHY

The Dickey seat on the Ascot Plus Utra when sold