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  Riley 1920's

As many of the cars from this year were made in miniscule numbers and construction methods were experimental  few survive probably less than 30 of all the sidevalve  10.8-11.9hp  models survive.The picture below shows what many roads resembled if not in a city, hence the artillery wheels being so popular

Riley's sporting 11/40 model was introduced at the Olympia show in 1919 and by 1925 its detachable head side-valve engine had risen in capacity to 1645cc which increased output from 35php to 42 bhp.  Riley's in the 20's used one basic chassis and produced six differing models plus variants using the 9 foot chassis  and versions of the 11hp engine and a few with the old 17/30hp engine on request . For 1924 Motor Show the range altered to include a slightly longer chassis of 9ft 6 inches and re named as  the 11-40 as due to engine tweaks raising the engine from 35 to 40hp. These are all from a large collection of early mounted and tinted adverts I bought and where possible are compared to style book images.

 1920 Four Models  Four Seater Tourer @£550, Family Model @£550, Two Seater Tourer @ £520, and Coupe @ £600. By the motor show the prices increased to Saloon @ £850, Two Seater Tourer at £630, Four Seater Tourer @ £650 and Coupe to £700 with an economy version of the  fFour Seater Tourer at £565 plus chassis only option @£395

1922 Increased production led to price reductions The All Season Four Seater Tourer @£430, Two Seater Tourer at £415, Coupe @ £495, Saloon @ £695 A boat tailed coupe/sports is shown competing in 1923

1923  Sports Four Seater Tourer @£495 (60mph), Sports Two Seater Tourer at £450 (70mph), Four Seater 17.30 @ £750, The All Season Four Seater Tourer @£430, All Season Two Seater Tourer at £415, Four Seater  Coupe @ £545, Two Seater  Coupe @ £545, Redwinger a refinement of the Sports Two Seater model  earlier selling for £495 with guaranteed road speeds of 70mph

1924  Thirteen Models:- Four Seater de Luxe (Saloon) @£620 ,  Four Seater de Luxe (Tourer) @£460 ,Four Door Four Seater Tourer @£395,  Four Seater Tourer @£395, Saloon @£495, Two Seater Tourer at £395, Coupe @ £465,  Four Seater Coupe @ £635, Four Seater Sports @£450, Two /Three Seater  Tourer    @ £390, Four Seater  Coupe @ £635, Saloon Laundaulette £545 Plus on the shorter chassis Two Door Four  Seater  Tourer    @ £395, Two  Seater  Sports   @ £495,  Two /Three Seater Clover Leaf Tourer at £450, plus chassis only versions of both

Riley 11/40 Sports two-seater produced from 1922 until 1928

 Published 1923 of the 1924 Four Door using the 11-40 engine @ £395 4cyl Sidevalve . Four-seater/ Four-door Tourer produced 1922-24. RAC  Rating 10.8hp  with a Bore 65.8, Stroke 110,  1498 cc, 35bhp at 3200rpm,  Carburation Zephyr or  Zenith. This was sold initially from 1920 as the standard four door saloon at £650 which was reduced the next year 1921 to £565 as more were sold again with the laminated disc wheel . By 1922 this was re named as the 'All Season Four Seater' and now priced at £430
**During  the mid-1920’s a new wheel design was to replace the spokes with laminated, stamped steel discs.  These were patented by the Coventry Disc Wheel Company in 1919 but mostly discontinued from this maker by 1921.  Discs were lighter, stiffer and resistant to damage plus the ability to mass-produce them,  making them a cheaper option. The disc was stamped from sheet metal and welded or riveted to the rim. By the 1930’s a dropped center steel rim with steel spokes became the  standard with makers  differing designs of how the spokes laced the hub to the rim and evolving from the stud fixing to the later spinners or 'knock ons' **

 Below the 1924 advert

Redwinger. Introduced in 1922 as the sports and refined, Riley's 'Redwing' series was aimed squarely at the sporting motorist with  rear wheel drive,  a 4 door tourer body style. The 1,498cc 10.8hp side valve engine had an aluminium crankcase with a detachable cast iron block and detachable head with a three-bearing crank.  £495 +tax. This was a follow on  and refinement of the Sports Two Seater model  earlier selling for £495 with guaranteed road speeds of 70mph

1924 Four Seater  Sports /11hp engine / £495 + tax Shown on the early more expensive option of spoked wheels

The advert and below the Styles image of the 1920 car as introduced looks to have a boat tail as in

1924 Two Seater  +2 with Dickey /11-40 engine / £395 + tax. The 12 hp 11/40 type engine was new in 1925 and  said to perform as well as the  Redwings . The engine  continued in production until 1928, when it was replaced by the Riley Six. This was a  side valve, four cylinder engine driving  through a four speed manual gearbox with cone clutch and semi-floating spiral bevel rear axle. This model is also in Styles as a 1920 11hp Coupé with the same laminated disc wheels at £700 which was then enough for a decent house. The age differential shows in the price which was reduced by Riley the more they sold typically £100 per year as production increased. Shown below with the later format with artillery wheels again from Styles

The Coupé de Ville shown here on Artillery wheels. Labelled to the back 1924  using the later horizontal door handles as shown on the 1927 car from Styles and retailing at £750 + tax. Coupé de Ville cars had the driver fully exposed to the weather with no cover, no doors, and sometimes no windshield. As speed and distances travelled increased, windshields were added to protect the driver from dirt from the unpaved roads and dung from draught animals. Later models also included doors to the driving compartment as on this Riley

1925 Special Touring car only on the shorter chassis made on request

1925 Riley 11.9 Tourer TY 225 from Classic and Sportscar Centre, Malton

an earlier version on disc wheels labelled to verso as 1923
1925  Models:- Redwinger @£495 , Two Seater  and Four Seater Sports @£395 both on the shorter chassis. The Four special series on an even shorter chassis on request. On the 9ft 6 chassis they were selling :- The  Five Seater de Luxe (Tourer) @£460 , Saloon @£495, Saloon Laundaulette £525, Saloon de Luxe  @£595, Coupe @ £475,  Four/Five  Door Four Seater Tourer @£395, Two/Six   Seater Tourer @£395, Plus the Special Touring car only on the shorter chassis

11hp saloon/Possibly San Remo

1925 11hp saloon using artillery wheels like the San Remo priced at £495 . The engine was now uprated to a 12hp and producing 42 hp but still sold as the 11. For this year seventeen model variants were listed and this is the version sold as the Saloon de Luxe, Four Seater de Luxe and by 1925  as the Five Seater Tourer de Luxe from the days when glass and a roof was a luxury in cars.  The later years again used these horizontal door handles and were called 'Glass Enclosed Tourers' by 1927. All are shown in Styles and came with each wheel variant disc, wire spokes and artillery depending on road quality.
1926 De Luxe Saloon

The 1926 Two/Six Seater  at £395 renamed later here  as the 1927 Two/Six Seater Glass Enclosed with both using the longer chassis. The later version  priced at £415 on Dunlops

1926 Two Door, Four Seater using the 11-40 hp engine Advertised as safe for children in the doorless back seats, Art Deco  laminated disc wheels as seen on the pic from Styles of a 1921 car for comparison.

1926  Seventeen Models:- Closed Coupe @£480, Coupe de Ville from £750 , Foleshill Touerer @£350, Four Door Coach @ £395, Four /Five Seat Glass enclosed Tourer @£450, Two door Special Touring car @ £435, Four door Special Touring car @ £445,Two/Three Seater at £350, Plus Chassis only  The new 'Sports' model was 11/50/65 on the 9ft 6 chassis with a two seater body at £550 or chassis only @ £450

1928 Saloon
1927/8  6 x 9hp Models BiarritzSan Remo,    MonacoTourers , Coupe etc + 2 chassis variants +14 sidevalve variants :-  Standard Chassis @ £295, Colonial Chassis @ £310. Sidevalves were :- Lulworth @ £350 ,  Lulworth Special @ £365, 12hp Tourer @ £365, Four Door Coach @£375, Two /Six Seat Glass enclosed  @£385, Wentworth @ £395, Special Tourer @ £398,  Chatsworth @ £398,  Grangeworth @ £398, Midworth @ £415, Saloon de Luxe @ £495. The three sports models were then Two Seater  Sports at £395, Four Seater Short wheelbase @ £398, and the long Sports Four Seater @ £427, plus of course the Brooklands on its own chassis This is a four seat 9ft tourer

1928 Coupe with Dickey from Gavin Mcguire